Groundhog Day

In a recent blog post, WebKit announced Speedometer 2.0: a new benchmark for modern web app responsiveness. It included the following excerpt!

The front-end developer community has been shifting in the direction of borrowing more patterns from functional programming. This has been demonstrated with the growth of interest in technologies like Elm and PureScript, both of which transpile down to JavaScript. To enable browsers to optimize for these patterns, Speedometer 2.0 includes implementations for both of these technologies.

When I couldn't find the source code, I followed up with Addy Osmani and it was later revealed that although he had personally worked on the PureScript implementation, it was too late for it to be included in version 2.0.

Despite missing out this time, it's great that the PureScript version was implemented! I'll share any further developments as and when they happen.

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Paul Young